Birth name Hamza Farooqi
Also known as {{{also_known}}}
Date of birth April 28
Origin unknown
Genres Hip-hop
Labels N/A
Hamza Farooqi (stage name Mayham), is a Canadian rapper and lyricist. He is known for his performances and more known with music on his youtube page. He writes and posts lyrics that he experiments on a lyricist page. He is also part of a rap band, EffinAStudios, consisting of 2 people; Mod-E and him.

Early work Edit

Mayham's first track wasn't an official release, nor was it a solo track. It was by him and Mod-E's band, EffinAStudios. They released a track named "Indestructible" for the YCYS contest assigned by DansonnBeats and EffinAStudios was part of it. "We literally just recorded on our phones just to get some stuff out. It was such terrible quality! But that was just us playing around, not even looking to say that was our best work. But we had fun."

It has yet to be announced when Mayham or EffinAStudios' next track is going to be released. "I was only writing lyrics and working around with them. I don't know when I was going to record or when I'm going to, but for now, let's just say I'm getting lyrics ready. Stacking ammo, you know? Mod-E and ACE$ will be featured on future tracks but that's when we release a track." he stated.

Recent work Edit

Announced in early October of 2015, Mayham was working on an LP named Cause Mayham consisting of 13 tracks and features from various artists - but later changed it to 7 tracks as an EP album. "It's going to be a 2 CD album. First CD is going to be my work with several artists. Second CD is going to be artists or songs that I enjoyed listening to and know. It's going to be a free album." The album was released on April 28, 2016 on SoundCloud with a free download link.

Fanpage and disputes Edit

Mayham had some lyrical rap battles where he responded to some posts on his facebook page. "Those were just some weird things we messed around with; not an actual predicament. Chubby Jay is a good friend of mine, it was nothing personal. ACE$ posted some disses too which nearly caught me off track. ACE$ is a great and long time friend of mine, nothing was personal, it was all because we were just having a laugh out of it. I mean, yeah, it looked pretty insane how we were going at each other, and then MOD-E and some other guy joined in and it was kind of like, a 2 on 2. But, it was just for kicks."

Mayham's official fan page ( has up-to-date information about his latest activity.

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