Montreal native Malicious (a.k.a Mr. Malish) is no stranger to the so-called “game”. The unassuming rapper (of Barbadian descent) was already making waves at age fifteen, when he won a freestyle challenge, over hip hop icon Jeru The Damaja, which brought him rave reviews in The Source and caught the ear of industry heavyweights, like Russell Simmons. He writes and produces all of his material and recently finished putting the finishing touches to his debut album, “Music Starts With M” which is due out February 2007. The debut single/video Heavy M-T-L (Heavy Metal)/Yuk spent six weeks in the Top 5, on the RapCity countdown, as well as receiving regular rotation on Much Music & heavy on Much Vibe.



Heavy M-T-L


External LinksEdit

Official Site

Malicious' MySpace

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