"Made Ni**az" is a single released by Tupac Shakur off the Gang Related soundtrack and the Outlawz. It was produced by Tupac and co-produced by Johnny J.

Three different versions of the music video exist. This song also appears on the Supercop soundtrack.

The official version of the video contains footage from Gang Related as well as Tupac and the Outlawz rapping in front of a 360° camera.

2nd version is the explicit one with Tupac and the Outlawz dressed as cops shootin at Biggie & Puffy, killin other parties meetin with Biggie while the former two make it out alive. Half of it was officially released on Death Row Uncut DVD.

3rd version of the video is a bootleg and only uses the shots from the 360° camera.

Each of the videos has Tupac in it.

Watch the making of the Made Ni**az video:

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