Mackenson is sign with Money Ridaz Records. Hes from Montreal


He Accomplished What few "Many talk about goal Succeed at; ET Loved Dedicated time and money to start Own Loved record company in 2004: Money RiderZ records. Based on personal experiences, Mack Produced Own Loved it Loved first solo album entitled; Mackenson Money RiderZ present. Was the album released December 11, 2007.

So to push audacity Loved Even Furth Mackenson DID What No Other Hip Hop artist quebec DID before. At the time of release of the album, Loved, hey joined up with Grammy award winner, with more 1.5 million albums sold Then, none OTHERS THEN the American Rapper: Chamillionaire. Was it the album release November 30, 2007 at Metropolis Putting Money Riderz and Chamillionaire on the scene.

Being head of the company and Loved Loved trademark of Money RiderZ, Mackenson intende audacity to push Loved Even Further; Loved to Go Beyond Dreams And Also Every path to venture in Europe with year unstoppable force. He Is The One to watch!

The business man Born a business man, Mackenson Is The founder, president and CEO of the record label RiderZ Money Records. The Rise of Empire Loved financier will not only stop at a record label. Also He has very strong Investsof with speed in the real estate sector. Having Loved Bought first property at a young age, hey drew huge benefit year. Moreover, Mack created a corporation named INS Investments WHICH IS Located in Las Vegas, Nevada to generate Loved real estate projects.

Have Loved financier Empire Grows, HE IS Presently Developing Own clothing line Loved That Loved Perfectly Reflects image and personality. He Will Be Coming Out With The Boy Mack signature for Men and The Lady Mack signature for women. The clothing line Will Encompass the urban world with a touch of class, finesse and confidence. For Mackenson, thesis traits are essential for everybody Who desires to advance in Our Society with Certainty and to gain the respect of others.

One of the standby official release of the collection and Lady Boy Mack Mack Expected for 2009, some models are presale Will Be in the shop area, du site:

The section of media, television Especially, est aussi year Mackenson That area considered of importance. Presently Influenced by the world of web-TV, HE IS series has been working That Focus on all the aspects of Loved very own life. He Will show you all of Loved true colors, do not miss it!


Meme Monde-Mackenson feat03:53

Meme Monde-Mackenson feat. Online

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