Legacy Records a independent record label founded in 2011 by rapper Nazo .

Legacy Records

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Founded April 21, 2011
Location Miami, Florida
Genre(s) Various (Mainly Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B)

Beginnings (2011)Edit

after returning to rap music in 2011 Nazo Decided to create a "fresh new" record label since he rapped all the time but never recorded it. He wanted to make a label people would like so he named it NMB Records but wanted to name it Sly Records so they gave it both names. He soon signed 3 of their friends, Scraggs, Dinka, and Ninjah Rappah. 

Lost artists and success (2012-2013)Edit

In 2012 Scraggs, Dinka, and Ninjah were accidentally killed in a shooting while playing a game in front of their mother's house. Nazo never heard about their deaths until 2 days after their funerals and was shocked and angry. He had also introduced multiple alter egos and had released multiple albums under their names including "BassBox", and "Short Circut". Nazo had then made a album named "Rap Till The End" 1 year after the deaths of his friends as a tribute. He had then released another album called Bassbox 2, a few of the songs on the album mention how he is sorry to see his friends go to soon.

Road to Underground Mainstream (2014-present)Edit

He also said that he has more albums in production and that once he has enough people signed to his label he will make a compilation album named "Our Legacy". Nazo said that he is planning on releasing an album named "Instrums" in early to mid May. In mid June Nazo had revealed that 3 new artists have been signed to Legacy, those being Young Lion, Kris Krillz, and JoC Ink. Then in July he signed 2TYME, A.M.B.I.T.I.O.N, Young, Mula Migz, and the Goldcandy Empire (Kaayuno, Oh-High-Yo Goldcandy, Melly Goldcandy, and Doshess Meets). As of January 2016, JoC Ink's album 'Back to the Basic' is still to be released.



  • Nazo - BassBox (2011)
  • Ninjah Rappah - Stealth (2011)
  • Scraggs - The Rough-House (2011)
  • Nazo - Short Circut (2012)
  • Nazo - Never Too Young (2012)
  • Nazo - Rap Till The End (2013)
  • Nazo - Bassbox 2 (2013)
  • Nazo - Instrums (2014)
  • Nazo - Instrums 2 (2014)


  • Legacy Records - We Are Legacy (TBA)
  • Nazo - The Lucky One (TBA)
  • Nazo - "Title not yet announced" (TBA)
  • JoC Ink - Back to the Basic (2016)



  • Nazo
  • JoC Ink
  • Kris Krillz
  • Young Lion/ Starlines Beats
  • Mula Migz
  • 2TYME
  • A.M.B.I.T.I.O.N
  • Kaayuno
  • Melly Goldcandy
  • Doshess Meets
  • Oh-High-Yo Goldcandy
  • Young


  • Dinka
  • Scraggs
  • Ninjah Rappah
  • PeeWee Longway

Producers Edit

  • Nazo
  • Starlines-Beats


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