LaSalle is a borough of the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Prior to 2002, it was a separate municipality. It was founded in 1912 as a town. LaSalle is located in the south-west portion of the Island of Montreal, located along the Saint Lawrence river. LaSalle is bounded by five adjacent municipalities and boroughs, these being Lachine towards the west, Verdun and the inner city neighborhood of Ville-Émard in correlation to the north-east, and Montreal West and the neighborhood of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce within the borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce towards the north, the latter two being divided by Autoroute 20 as well as the Lachine Canal. All complemented by the shore of the Saint Lawrence River to the south and east, specifically a portion of the river known as the Lachine Rapids.

LaSalle is predominantly Afro-Canadian, Arabic and Caribbean, with a presence of Italian and South/Central American families as well.

English is also the main language.


Named for the area's first seigneur and French explorer Robert René Cavelier de La Salle (born at Rouen, France in 1643, died in Texas in 1687). LaSalle came into existence as a municipality in 1845 and finally became the City of LaSalle in 1912.

Lachine Rapids are situated inside LaSalle territory. The name Lachine, which is also the name of the neighboring borough, stayed because in the French Regime period, LaSalle was actually part of the Lachine Parish. Before the creation of the Lachine Canal, the rapids had to be portaged on a trail called "Chemin LaSalle" (what is now the LaSalle Boulevard).

It is known for its many public schools, most noticeably l'École secondaire Cavelier-de-LaSalle, known as one of the top talent producing schools in the field of dance, song, and the home of two Montreal Alouettes cheerleaders. The other common public school in LaSalle is LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School, opened many years ago, home to many cultures.

Michel Leduc, who served as Mayor from 1983 to December 31, 2001, was the last Mayor of an independent LaSalle.[6] Under Leduc, LaSalle became the first large city in Quebec to launch a large recycling. LaSalle was annexed by the city of Montreal on January 1, 2002,[6] along with a number of other cities on the Island of Montreal.


LaSalle has been known as the Canadian Texas due to its high shooting rates throughout the former city and boroughs existence. The Crack Down Posse and All Bout Crips have a large influence on the west side of LaSalle as well as the STL'z Blood gang who are also known to be present more towards the east. The Italian Mafia is also known to have a presence, and recently Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13) have been found to be expanding in Montreal through LaSalle. LaSalle is also called "Texas 013" because of the police station number "13" in LaSalle.