Alias: K.i.D (as he was known in his kid days)

23 years old Instagram: @christian.saylor and @zanderzwart21

Kyle is a boss. West Coast rapper from Ventura, California. Joined Youtube July 12, 2010 under his current moniker and has been putting out consistent music videos, and mix tapes since then. He ran track in high-school and sang in the Ventura High School show choir (Company) with Skinwalker vocalist/drummer Enoc Gutierrez.
Kyle jumpkick

Relesed October 2nd 2015[1] Available on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud

His debut album was "Beautiful Loser" and he just released his sophomore album "Smyle".[2]

Still from his Really? Yeah! music video


"Silver Platter" music video published Dec.16 2012

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