Savaş Yurderi (born 10 February 1975) also known as Kool Savas (or as well King Kool Savas), is a German rapper and hip hop artist.[1]

In 2012, he also collaborated in Xavas, a duo formation with Xavier Naidoo, a German Soul and R&B singer songwriter and actor in the album Gespaltene Persönlichkeit. The two had already worked together on a number of other releases.

Early life Edit

Born in Aachen, Germany to a German mother and a Turkish father, Savas' family moved back to Turkey when he was one year old. His father, who is from Çorum, Turkey, was arrested because of his political posture against the government in Turkey, and as a result of his father's arrest, his mother was forced to return to Aachen with Savas.[2]

Career Edit

Essah Entertainment (2010-present) Edit

His 2011 album Aura included a single with the same name and a song featuring Xavier Naidoo, titled LMS 2012. In May 2012, Savas announced a collaborative album with Xavier Naidoo titled Gespaltene Persönlichkeit under the alias "Xavas" scheduled for release in Germany on 21 September 2012.[3] The tracklist was announced in August 2012, containing a total of 15 tracks[4]

His sixth studio album, Märtyrer, was released on November 14, 2014.

Discography Edit

Main article: Kool Savas discography

  • 2002: Der beste Tag meines Lebens
  • 2004: Die besten Tage sind gezählt
  • 2007: Tot oder Lebendig
  • 2010: John Bello Story 3
  • 2011: Aura
  • 2014: Märtyrer

Links: Edit

A Rap from Kool Savas: Das Urteil, John Bello Story 1, John Bello Story 2, John Bello Story 3, Warum Rappst du EP, Märtyrer

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