The beginning scene of "Kool Aid and Frozen Yogurt" in which Gucci Ruci is rapping and passing products to DreDay.

"Kool Aid and Frozen Yogurt", or the "Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza Remix", is the first single and music video released by DreDay and Gucci Ruci. The songs remixes, samples, and takes the same style of Mac Miller's song "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza". It is produced by Danny Nasuti and Gucci Ruci. It is from The SWAG Diaries Vol. 1: Swagtastic!. [1]

History and writingEdit

The song was written by DreDay and Gucci Ruci in 2011 and recorded later that year[2]. The song was originally only an audio recording, and came after the YouTube release of "O.G!" [3]. The song was originally on the album E Major which was unreleased, thus all unreleased tracks were moved to the mixtape The SWAG Diaries Vol. 1: Swagtastic!.

In the original YouTube upload of the slideshow for "Kool Aid and Frozen Yogurt" it was also addressed as "Kool Aid and Frozen Chicken" which could have been the working title.

Music videoEdit

On April 13, 2011, DreDay posted the official music video for "Kool Aid and Frozen Yogurt" onto YouTube. [4] The video was shot in Grosse Pointe Woods and Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, and is an attempt to try and "redo" the original video for "Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza" by Mac Miller. It features Gucci Ruci and DreDay at the beginning passing ingredients for Kool Aid around in a Kroger grocery store while Gucci Ruci raps, then shows them in a modern kitchen making Kool Aid. Afterwords, DreDay is rapping in front of a frozen yogurt corner store. Throughout the rest of DreDay's part of the track, he is walking down Jefferson Avenue alongside Gucci Ruci and a friend of theirs addressed as "Peter T." in the credits. At the end of the video, clearly to tease intoxication or "drunkeness", Gucci Ruci and DreDay are tired and relaxed as DreDay drops a water bottle originally containing Kool Aid, then moving on to show the credits.

The video was filmed and arranged by Danny Nasuti, co-produced by Gucci Ruci, and self-directed by DreDay.



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