King is a rapper Montreal group member Blok B.


Born and raised in north-east of the city of Montreal, King has pointed out as soon as he put his voice on a microphone. Piece by piece, the poet urban exceptional flow and deep lyrics has attracted the interest of the hip hop audience of Quebec and even France. Since its three videos that have appeared at Music Plus, which the video Nothing has changed, followed by his two mixtapes (Summer Slam Vol. 1 and 2) King was in the hip hop scene of the Quebecois as a talented rapper outstanding and unique. With the formation of the Blok B, King and his henchman the Knower created an unprecedented surge in the underground scene with the release of their recent mixtape, Bienvenue Dans Mon Blok Vol.1. CEO of Blok B Inc, King worked with the record Sizzle Records for the release of his album KING CITY for the fall 2005.En July 2007, he was unable to get the mixtape Bienvenue dans mon Blok Vol. 2. Some noises have claimed that the group no longer exist due to certain disagreements between Mr beatmaker vane and the connoisseur. The group has nothing left from their first and only mixtape as Blok b.

The album, Original Chilleur, his acolyte The connoisseur should go during spring or summer 2008.



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