Cam Calloway, better known as KINGCAM, is a skateboarder, rapper, and producer. He is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and later moved to Los Angeles, California as a teen. He is sponsored by Pharmacy Boardshop and Way Skate. KINGCAM is also the creative director of SPACE FLT.


KINGCAM was born, Cameron Marquez Calloway, on March 2, 1994 in Cincinnati, Ohio and would spend his youth back and forth in Avondale and the suburbs of West Chester. When he was 13, he visited his father, Reggie Calloway, in Los Angeles where he got his first taste of skate culture. In his formative years, he followed in his fathers footsteps in songwriting with influences from Michael Jackson and Prince. At 15, his childhood friend, Gianni Hackett, introduced him to music production with FL Studio. Cam would later have more musical influences like DMX, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, and Bone Thugs n Harmony.

With such a mix of energies and emotions, Cam would get in his fair share of trouble having to move in with his father. After being expelled from 2 schools in less than 4 months, Cam still was able to finish school early and take a few college classes before deciding what he'd be pursuing.


Beginnings (2013-2016) Edit

KINGCAM recognized early that he wasn't going to be headed down a normal path. With many aspirations and the drive to back it, he started focusing on his skating, filming his progression. In 2014, he begun uploading videos to Instagram and YouTube gaining some local notoriety. The next year, he got sponsored by Pharmacy Boardshop; during this time, he created a show called Week N a Day featuring his life on a board.

Musical Projects (-2017) Edit

Over the years, KINGAM has released music through the music streaming site SoundCloud and YouTube. One song that gained attention was the titled track, "They Call Me KINGCAM". With screeching harmonies and unqiue rhythmic flows, he demonstrates wht they call him that. In April 2017, he released his first project in 3 years called Oasis. His stories paint imagery of someone coming out a deep darkness and turning it into light array of colors.

Social Media Edit

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