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Diss Me - Jamez

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Jamez in March 2014

Jamez is an American rapper from New Jersey, who first got signed to V Slash Records after their CEO Maxx Ca$h saw potential in him.

Rise To Rapping (2013)Edit

Jamez was hanging out with rapper Maxx Ca$h one day when rapping came up in conversation.  Jamez wanted to learn to rap, and it just so happened to be that Maxx Ca$h had been rapping for about 4 years prior to that.  Maxx Ca$h tought Jamez the basics then recorded what is widely considered to be the worst song in V Slash Records 's history, Retreat.  Retreat was Jamez's debut song with a feature from Maxx Ca$h for the chorus.  Even though this song was a complete fail Maxx Ca$h saw potential in Jamez, so he signed him to V Slash Records.

Hard Work (2014)Edit

Jamez's first song "Retreat" featuring Maxx Ca$h was considered to be the worst song ever released by V Slash Records , but that didnt stop Maxx Ca$h from signing him to the label.  Jamez then recorded "Diss Me" about 4 months after Retreat.  Diss Me was a far superior song.  It did not gain as much attention as Retreat did but got better reviews.  Diss Me was released as the 9th (final) track on V Slash: Wave 1, the first compilation mixtape from V Slash Records .  After Wave 1 released Jamez was on a hiatus from rapping.  He was not in the studio to record for nearly 3 months.  Maxx Ca$h however, recently confirmed Jamez's involvement in the next V Slash Records Compilation Mixtape.



  • None


  • 2014: V Slash: Wave 1

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