Jah'mez is an American rapper from New Jersey, who first got signed to Renegades Music Group after their CEO Jay Farr saw potential in him.

Rise To Rapping (2013) Edit

Jamez was hanging out with rapper Maxx Ca$h one day when rapping came up in conversation.  Jamez wanted to learn to rap, and it just so happened to be that Maxx Ca$h had been rapping for about 4 years prior to that.  Maxx Ca$h tought Jamez the basics then recorded what is widely considered to be the worst song in V Slash Records 's history, Retreat.  Retreat was Jamez's debut song with a feature from Maxx Ca$h for the chorus.  Even though this song was a complete fail Maxx Ca$h saw potential in Jamez, so he signed him to V Slash Records.

Hard Work (2014) Edit

Jamez's first song "Retreat" featuring Maxx Ca$h was considered to be the worst song ever released by V Slash Records , but that didnt stop Maxx Ca$h from signing him to the label.  Jamez then recorded "Diss Me" about 4 months after Retreat.  Diss Me was a far superior song.  It did not gain as much attention as Retreat did but got better reviews.  Diss Me was released as the 9th (final) track on V Slash: Wave 1, the first compilation mixtape from V Slash Records .  After Wave 1 released Jamez was on a hiatus from rapping.  He was not in the studio to record for nearly 3 months.  Maxx Ca$h however, recently confirmed Jamez's involvement in the next V Slash Records Compilation Mixtape.

Discography Edit

Mixtapes Edit

  • None

Collaboration Mixtapes Edit

  • 2014: V Slash: Wave 1
  • 2014: Halfway
  • 2014: Revival Of Rap

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