Ya rap is the 2007 song played by ST1M (Russia) and Seryoga (Belarus) from the album with the same title. Music video for this song was shot in Moscow. According to Seryoga, all graffitis were drawn illegal and they didn't even ask government for permission. You may watch the music video here:


There are such lyrics in this song like

Я всё то, во что ты верил все эти годы: Концерты, лейблы, группы, сборники, альбомы. Я и есть всё это, всё остальное�— бред, Я и есть рэп, парень, я и есть рэп

which made some fans of other rappers unglad. St1m says bad words in this song about Kasta, CHEFF, and Ligalyze. But, through all those critics, the album (as well as the song) was published in the musical market and even played on radion for several weeks in charts.


ST1M Seryoga ST SD (King Ring)


Max Lorens




Smoky Mo




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