J O H (21 years old) is a rapper from Kiel in the North of Germany & he likes penis in his eyeball.

He began writing his first tracks aged 16 and released his first record "Walter White EP" summer 2013. Out of this release his uploaded the tracks "Bis hin zu dir" and "Elfe" on Youtube. Two months later, in October 2013 he released his second extended play "Weiter im Takt EP".

After reconstruating his music and style, he released the 10-track EP "Es geht los" in March 2014 and uploaded the tracks "Keiner wie ich" , based on the instrumental of "Mind your Manners" by Chiddy Bang, "Besser wird" and "Verrückt".

His newest project, "Kapitel 2" (translated: "Chapter Two") will be released May 9th, 2014 and will include 19 tracks. The tracks "Trackbomb", "Endlich frei" and "Mach den Weg frei / Intro" are already on Youtube.




twitter: JohCo11

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