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Trill Grillz

wIce On Da Grillzx


BigIce Records (Japanese Rap Record Label)@BGIC-8051

08'12.10@\2,000-(tax in)

1. ‚³‚­‚ç‚ñ‚ÚRaidio(Intro)

2. Get Grillz@ËŽŽ’®

3. My Pants Is Fallin Down

4. Hey Boo@ËŽŽ’®

5. C.H.R.i.S.T.Y

6. DrunkMan!!(Skit)

7. ‚Ô‚Á”ò‚΂·‚¼

8. U Can't Do Shit!!

9. Do Da Snap@ËŽŽ’®

10. Maimu Maimu

11. ‚³‚­‚ç‚ñ‚ÚRaidio(Skit)

12. Pass U By

coming soon

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