The cover of I Miss The Hip Hop Shop.

I Miss The Hip Hop Shop is Proof's second album and was released in 2004. The album contained a "diss track" towards rapper Ja Rule for his fued towards Shady Records. Proof participated in the fued, siding with Shady Records by making the track "Ja In A Bra". The album was produced and released by Iron Fist Records.

Track listingEdit

  • 1. "Intro" (Skit)
  • 2. "E and 1 Equel None"
  • 3. "Yzark"
  • 4. "Derty Harry"
  • 5. "People Hi for Change"
  • 6. "Niel Armstrong"
  • 7. "Broken" feat. Journalist and Mu
  • 8. "Shake Dat Donkey"
  • 9. "Runnin' Yo! Mouth" feat. T-Flame and Fatt Father
  • 10. "Dolo Speaks 2" (Skit)
  • 11. "Know Ya! Name" feat. 1st Born
  • 12. "Play With Myself"
  • 13. "You Know How 2" feat. Famous
  • 14. "It Ain't About Tha"
  • 15. "Cross tha' Line"
  • 16. "Bring It 2 Me" feat. Killa Khann
  • 17. "Ja in a Bra" (Ja Rule diss)
  • 18. "Nowhere Fast" feat. Dogmatic
  • 19. "Love Letters"


I Miss The Hip Hop Shop has several producers. The main producers of the album were DJ Premier, R&B singer Davina, J Dilla, Kon Artis, and Amp Fiddler. However, other artists and producers produced tracks such as DJ DDT-Da Busta, Sicknotes, Reef, Kareem Riggins, Essman, Cyzer Soset, Greg C. Brown, House Shoes, and Stacey. Proof released I Miss The Hip Hop Shop under Iron Fist Records.


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