Hustla jones-1-
Hustla Jones
Also known as
Birth date
Birth name
Born in San Diego, California
Current City Riviera Beach, Florida
Styles Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 2005-Present
Label(s) Godfather Records
Associated acts Joe Boom, T-Dot, Mr Univerze


Born in San Diego, California, Hustla Jones was raised by a single parent (his mother). At a early age Hustla Jones was in and out of trouble and was sent to Palm Beach for a new chance in life only to fall in love with the south and how the people there were about money and not what set you claim. In 1995, Jones caught his first charge which led to a snowball effect of times in and out of jail on drug, strong arm robbery and other charges. It was in prison where Hustla Jones learned to write poems which later progressed to songs. After his stint in prison Jones had a whole new outlook on life, he made a promise to his cousin that he would leave the streets behind him and put all his thoughts and efforts into the music industry. He started to release mixture after mixture on the streets of Palm Beach to show labels and the streets what real music sounds like. Hustla Jones is a lyrical artist and can see between the lines of what artists like Jay-Z are actually trying to express with their music. His music had the streets on fire and things were looking great for the future, but then another set back landed Jones back in jail for two more years, but this time he woke up fully. In 2011 Hustla Jones signed with Godfather Records and his anticipated debut album Culminate is set to be released in Spring/Summer of 2011 backed by the hit single “Super Bad (feat. Joe Boom)”.



  • I Dont Need No Hook
  • Get 'Em
  • 102 Bars of Pressure
  • Super Bad


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