This is Big Fase 100 mixtape.

1. Goin' Green Intro (Mixed by Julian Ramirez)(Prod. By Young Prince & Purp) 2. C.O.M.P.T.O.N

3. Brake Lights feat. Young Cheif, 211 & Vic Smitty (Prod. by Epik Da Dawn)

4. Thug Nigga

5. Another Level (Prod. By KP)

6. Click Clack

7. Bury Me A G

8. Phenom (HuxFam) Interlude

9. Big Fase Hunneds (Prod. by Geno Boss)

10. Cannon (Prod. by Bellyflop)

11. Go (Prod. by Dereck)

12. Yg'z Oyg'z (Prod. By Traximillion)

13. Money & The Power (Prod. by Dereck)

14. What's Really Good

15. Where Is The West Coast

16. Big Spender

17. Get Ya Money Right

18. Do You Know

19. Money Speaks For Me

20. Ridin' With The Big Homie (Prod. by Dereck)

21. Get Money (Prod. by Hubbe-G)

22. Silly Bitch (Prod. By Mid Evol Methods)

23. Young Lotto Interlude

24. Plenty Money

25. Keep It 100 (Prod. By Nu Jerzey Devil)

26. If You Want 2

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