GODD BODDIES a former rap duo known as Knowledge Power and IGoDevine with one known album, a debut ILL VISIONS, released in 1998 under Kochrecords (Koch international at the time of the release). Inside the liner notes of the CD release a copy right for Def Beat records is noted. Marketed by Def Beat Records & T.J.S.B Records.according to the liner notes the GODD BODDIES duo may originate from Scarborough,Ontario . In the album liner notes there is a massive list of Hip-Hop artists well known and obscure, including music supporting radio and TV networks etc. The album consisted of lyrics filled with Five Percenter (Nation of Gods and Earths) undertones and steady drum bass instrumentals in traditional boom bap style. Link below:

Track list for ILL VISIONS:

Tracklist Edit

Be Very Afraid
Who's That Lurkin
Ill Visions
Get Down On Your Knees
Stop The Talkin
I Know Myself
We Taking Wack Niggas To War
Life Is A Hustle
Our Word Is Law
Ill Visions (Radio Mix)
Change My Styles
Get Down On Your Knees
I Know Myself (Radio Mix)
I Know Myself (Remix)

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