GoRemy in the video for "McDonalds: The Rap".

GoRemy is an American stand-up comedian, comedy rap artist, and comedy singer. GoRemy mostly does rap music which he posts on YouTube, with the exception of a "comedy country" song.

Personal life and childhoodEdit

Remy Munasifi was born on June 16, 1980 (age 30) in Washington, D.C. and moved to Arlington, Virginia later on in his childhood. His father is of Iraqi ancestry and was a doctor and his mother was of Lebanese ancestry and was a Pilates instructor. Growing up, Munasifi was proud of his Arab heritage, and commonly uses it in his comedy music act. As a child he enjoyed hip hop music, and decided to write comedy rap music from skill.

Music careerEdit

Munasifi's comedic alter-ego "Habib Abdul Habib" received much popularity for joking about matters such as US security screening. While rapping most of his acts he first began with a video titled "Arlington: The Rap" which received 300,000 in less than a day. Another famous song of his is "McDonald's: The Rap".

In 2009 he signed with the Gersh Agency, and later landed himself a Comedy Central Records deal. Munasifi has since been the opening act for the likes of rapper Wale and comedian Brian Posehn.

Remy is also notable for a question concerning taxation that he set to music and posted on YouTube that was played during a televised 2008 United States Democratic Presidential Candidates debate.

He has performed several times in the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival.

His debut production album entitled The Falafel Album is now available on iTunes, which is highly influenced by his Iraqi and Lebanese heritage in regards to culture and food.

Despite the wars in the Middle East, GoRemy has stated he would like to tour the Middle East in honor of his heritage. He has already been to Lebanon several times and performed.

In some of Remy's videos, he can be seen morphing into his alter-ego, 'Habib', who is supposed to depict an Arab man. Habib is always seen wearing a red arab-style clothing, a white towel on his head to mimic a turban and sunglasses. He also has an ingrown beard which is draw-on.


  • 2010: The Falafel Album (iTunes digital album)

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