Red Blockz Cartel

1. Intro

2. Frapstar (freestyle)

3. Ft. Blocks-Eat Em Alive (freestyle)

4. Ft. Blocks-Cerebral Mafia (freestyle)

5. Ft. Arafat-Magic Maker (freestyle)

6. Ft. Blocks-Leave Em In The Back (freestyle)

7. Ft. Blocks-Wait 4 A Minute (freestyle)

8. Ft. Hypnotik-Streets (freestyle)

9. Interlude 1

10. My city

11. Ft. Hypnotik-Strip Joint (freestyle)

12. Ft.Yg-Get Off Of My Block (freestyle)

13. Been Gettin Money (freestyle)

14. Blame My Upbringin (freestyle)

15. Blow Ur Mind (freestyle)

16. Bomb (freesyle)

17. Where you at

18. Interlude 2

19. My Hood (freestyle)

20. Raw (freestyle)

21. Say It To My Face (freestyle)

22. Swagg Intact (freestyle)

23. Say i never did it

24. Outro


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