{{Infobox person

| name          = GME Savage

| image         =

| alt           =

| caption       =

| birth_name    = Evan Thomas Schwartz

| birth_date    = {{birth date and age|1996|7|19}}

| birth_place   = [[Maplewood, MN]]

| death_date    = <!-- {{Death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD}} (death date then birth date) -->

| death_place   =

| education     = [[Tartan Senior High School]], [[Century College]]

| nationality   = American

| other_names   = '''Almighty Swag''', '''Cuddle Buddy''', '''Little Mister''', '''Baby Sosa'''

| occupation    = [[Singer]], [[Actor]], [[Model]], [[Teacher]]

| years_active  =

| known_for     = [[Little Birds (film)|Little Birds]], [[Megan Is Missing]]

| notable_works =


'''Evan Thomas Schwartz''', better known as '''GME Savage''' (formerly known as Mighty Swag) is an American [[actor]]. His first appearance was on [[Little Birds (film)|Little Birds]], then he went to act in [[Megan Is Missing]].<ref></ref>

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