Fuck enimen 20

Cover art for "Fuck Enimen 2.0".

Fuck Enimen 2.0 is Joint Duo's third album released on November 15, 2011. Right now the album is in an exceptional state, which means all of the songs haven't been released yet, but people who have bought the album will automatically receive all upcoming songs on their iTunes.

The album is produced by Joint Duo itself.


Fuck Enimen 2.0 was Four Playa's idea, but Ol' Joint agreed to it. There was no planned release date for the album, so Four Playa did what he could. The first song on their album was "Real Niggers".

The point of this album is to bring back the "old CSF" - or in this case, "old Joint Duo". Four Playa really wanted to show everyone that they are cool like that, and they've no plans of taking this too seriously.

People who subscribed to them in the start of their career, clearly liked what they heard and that is why Four Playa is bringing back the old.

Track listingEdit

  • "Real Niggers" Cant Spell Eminem"
  • "Hope" Hope up on my Dick"
  • "Fucking Sick" Ma Baby need titty"

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