Fuck enimen 2

Cover art for CSF's first album, Fuck Enimen.

Fuck Enimen is Joint Duo's first album released on October 12, 2011. Fuck Enimen consists of 6 tracks. The album is produced by Joint Duo themselves.


Fuck Enimen was always meant to be a succesful album, unlike many others. Surprisingly the name for this album came from Master Bone, just like their former group name "Car Steelers Fuck", which they changed to Joint Duo on November 4, 2011.

The name Eminem was intentionally spelled wrong to go along with "any men", which was a huge success for their song Enimen.

Track listingEdit

  • "Rap"
  • "Nigga Power"
  • "Cars & Guns"
  • "Gun Rapist"
  • "Enimen"
  • "Money Gets Bitches"

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