Lacing Up - Maxx Ca$h (Featuring CP)02:27

Lacing Up - Maxx Ca$h (Featuring CP)

From Nothing was Maxx Ca$h's second mixtape. It had the worst statistics of any RMG released mixtape.


Production For From Nothing began about a week after The Maxx Ca$h EP dropped.  On April 20, 2014 Maxx Ca$h released "From Nothing".

Track ListingEdit

# Name Length
1 From Nothing Intro (Skit) 0:23
2 My Life 4:30
3 Crossfire 3:26
4 Lacing Up (Feat. CP) 2:30
5 One Day


6 All About That 2:49
7 Pennyworth (Skit) 0:16
8 Man Up 3:22
9 No More 2:47
10 My Hood 3:07
11 Why Doubt (Feat. Jamez) 3:31
12 Hate List (Skit) 0:33
13 Then We'll See 2:51
14 Fight Me 3:07
15 No Patience 2:46
16 The White Knight 3:52


From Nothing got mixed reviews from fans.  Most said that they liked it.  A few thought it could have been better. Some of the songs got compared to Mac Miller, Jake Miller, and Hoodie Allen, while others got compared to Hopsin, Ca$his, and Eminem.  Even two of the songs were compared to G-Unit's 50 Cent.

All In all From Nothing received an average review of 5 stars out of 5 stars according to

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