Christoph Alex (born 1986), better known as Favorite, is a German rapper. In 2011 his album Christoph Alex peaked at number 4 in the German charts.[1]

Biography Edit

At age of 12 Favorite lost his parents in a car accident and lived several years in different orphanages. The loss of his parents is a theme in many of Favorite's songs such as: "Gegen den Herrn" ("Against the lord") (released on Harlekin) and the single "Ich vermisse euch" ("I miss you").

Discography Edit

Main article: Favorite discography

  • 2007: Harlekin
  • 2008: Anarcho
  • 2011: Christoph Alex
  • 2015: Neues von Gott

Links: Edit

A Rap from Favorite: Neues von Gott, Selfmade Milionäre, Die Wahrheit

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