Evil Pimp
Age 28
Birth name Catrin Rhodes
Origin Cedar Rapids, IA
Genre(s) Very underground rap

Evil Pimp is a Southern Underground (NOT Hip-hop. He will smack you for saying that) artist that grew up in Westwood Memphis and lived with his aunt until her untimely death when he was sent to his grandmother’s house in Binghampton - a rather poverty stricken area in South Memphis. Stability was elusive, however, and he was moved again after his Grandmother’s deteriorating health, living then in Cordele, Georgia with other family members. After his unsettled youth, the Man he became eventually relocated himself to the Midwest. In Iowa, he settled down and began working intently on his musical career, exploring the electronic keyboard; making samples and sounds… and developing his unique style.

Evil Pimp’s musical influences were mostly the 70’s soul sounds that he grew up hearing along with Triple Six, DJ Zirk, DJ Sound and some Squeek dog. Evil Pimp is the leader of the group Krucifix Klan and onetime co-owner of Slaughterhouse Records. After artistic and business conflicts he left the label. Numerous members have contributed over time to his work, yet the music style has stayed consistant; featuring rapid-fire lyrics laid over a mellow laid-back beat., or a signature slow-drawling and violent flow over even more hypnotic beats.

Some members Krucific Klan has been made up of are: Evil Pimp, Ms. Insain, Suave C, Stan Man and Playa Rob. Lady Dead, Chuck G, Sir Lance, DJ Slikk, Killa Queen (aka Drama Queen), Crazy Mane, Lil Bone, Gangsta Rip, DJ Massacre, Reese G, Lil Jerk, Lil Boosie, HR2 and Elite.

CDs include:

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