Electric Coolaid Acid Testing EP Cover Art

Cover art for the EP

Tracklist Edit

1. Broken

(feat. Journalist & MU)

2. Derty (Promo)

3. One Two

(feat. MC Breed )

4. Derty Harry

5. X-Fam

(feat. Marv Won, J-Hill, & Bareda)

6. Places I've Been

(feat. J-Hill)

Featurings & Production Edit

J-Hill, Journalist, MU, Marv Won, MC Breed, & Bareda were all featured artists on the EP, all of them do a verse on the songs featured on while J-Hill & MC Breed also do hooks. Production for the track "Broken" was by "House Shoes" as it was featured on his first solo album, "I Miss the Hip Hop Shop". The EP was officially released in 2002. The track "One Two (feat. MC Breed)" were made an official album release in 2005 when Proof dropped his 2nd album "Searching for Jerry Garcia", in which it was renamed "Ali" (still featuring the vocals from MC Breed)

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