The Eglinton West Crips (E.W.C) is a organized gang located in the westend of toronto. Stretching from keele and eglinton (clearview heights and trethewey) to oakwood and eglinton, its no surprise that this is one of the biggest gangs in canada. The neighbourhood which they opperate also known as little jamaica or trenchtown is second in murders since 2008 and 3rd in violent crime. The eglinton west crips main rivals are the vaughan road bloods what has been one of the most documented and dangerous rivalries in canadian history to date. There is no doubt that this is one of the most dangerous nd vicious gangs in toronto and even canada and the numbers shows. Police say that shootings are brazen and careless and often gets calls of gunshots, there also is a large number of arrests in the area and mostly drugs and weapons are seized. because of that t.a.v.i.s is assigned in the area to patrol untill further notice.

Clearview heights is home to the eglinton crips and the c.v.p gullyside crips who have a very tight relationship with eachother. The area is a lowrise apartment complex what is known for drugs and guns and alot of crime in general with alot of brazen shootings over the past years. It is believed that the gullyside yaddies are the main drug outlet to the eglinton west crips and maybe even more gangs.

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