Dr. Dre The Aftermath

Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath is a compilation album by Dr. Dre. It was released in 1996 after leaving Death Row Records, and was the first release on his then newly established Aftermath Entertainment. In spite of Dr. Dre's name being on the album, and it being certified platinum,[1] it received mixed reviews and was not amongst the year's more commercially successful releases.

Featured on the album are a bevy of novice acts who were among the earliest signees of Aftermath—many of whom quickly became disassociated with the label without having ever seen their own projects come to fruition. Dr. Dre is only sparsely heard on the album—performing just one track, "Been There, Done That", which became the disc's most noted. Another one of the album's stand-out moments is the Dr. Dre-produced track, "East Coast/West Coast Killas", performed by Nas, RBX, KRS-One, and B-Real, under the banner of "Group Therapy". The track (and its multi-coastal line-up) was an answer to, and snubbed, the existing East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry of the day.

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