Dirty Danger (Real name: David Nkrumah, born 1984), is a grime musician and producer. Dirty Danger is the beatmaker for the Ruff Sqwad supergroup and production team. Dirty Danger also known as Dirty Dangerous is most known for being a key member of the grime group Ruff Sqwad. The grime MC and producer is from East London has produced numerous tracks for Ruff Sqwad. Ruff Sqwad is also the group in which Tinchy Sryder is affiliated with and Dirt Danger has also produced tracks on Tinchy’s album “Star in the Hood”. He also produced copious tracks in Ruff Sqwads mixtape “Guns and Roses” volume 1 and 2. He has been involved with the Ruff Sqwad movement from the onset and is a well-known artist within the grime scene. His renowned bars were featured in the track ‘I Ball’ along with Tinchy Stryder and Sway where he shows his versatility and enthusiasm when spitting bars.


Loose Change

I Ain't Rich Yet

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