Des Devious (born David Edens) is a rapper from Philadelphia, PA. He is a member of underground hip hop supergroup; Army of the Pharaohs, having featured on all their studio albums. [1]


Early Career (2003-2006)Edit

Des Devious grew up in a rough upringing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He defeated opponents in rap battles from all types of venues, from school grounds to grimy back alleys to professional competitions. It was in 2004 Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks heard Devious and introduced him to the rap game. He found his first vocals in Jedi Mind Tricks’ Legacy of Blood on the track ‘Verses of the Bleeding’. He then went on to feature with Planetary and Crypt the Warchilds rap duo; OuterSpace where he was seen on the track Gods And General and was also featured in the track ‘Thiefs Name’ by Pumpkinhead.[2][3]

Early 2005, Devious collaborated with DJ Piklz for his ‘Off The Meatrack?!’ mixtape, other artists including Q-Unique, Bulletman, Nablidon and Rix Dex were also featured on the mixtape. Later in 2005, Vinnie Paz decided that Des Devious should join the most anticipated rap group in the underground scene; Army of the Pharaohs.[4] Other artists from underground rap groups including Chief Kamachi and Reef the Lost Cauze of JuJu Mob, Planetary and Crypt the Warchild of OuterSpace, Apathy and Celph Titled of Demigodz, Faez One and King Syze joined the original roster for their debut album; The Torture Papers. This was officially released March 21, 2006. Later in 2006, Devious was seen on King Syzes track; ‘O.E. Pounder’. 

Ritual of Battle, The Unholy Terror and The Pharaoh Philes (2007-2012)Edit

In 2007, it was announced that AOTP were working on their second studio album titled; Ritual of Battle. Faez One had left the group and Apathy was working with his sequel compilation album; It’s the Bootleg, Muthafuckas! Volume 2: Hell’s Lost and Found. However, more people were added to the roster, including; Demoz, Doap Nixon, King Magnetic and Jus Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks. Ritual of Battle was officially released September 21, 2007. [5]

In 2008, Des Devious collaborated once again for King Syze on his album The Labour Union on the track ‘Mayhem’. He was also was seen on the track Ambush by Caen Project. OuterSpace released a sequel to their track ‘Gods and Generals’ which saw appearances from King Syze and Des Devious just like the original ‘Gods and Generals’ song.[6]

March 19, 2010 marked the release date of Army of the Pharaohs third studio album; The Unholy Terror. Apathy returned to the group and new additions were added to the roster including; Block McCloud and Journalist. Chief Kamachi, however, got into a feud with Vinnie Paz and Apathy and therefore decided to leave AOTP.[7] 

Tracks of Outerspace featuring Des Devious and King Syze; ‘Gods and Generals’ and ‘Gods and Generals 2’ were listed in the second compilation album by Army of the Pharaohs; The Pharaoh Philes which was presented by Babygrande Records.[8]

In Death Reborn and fifth AOTP album (2013-Present)Edit

In November 2013, Des Devious is also confirmed to be on Army of the Pharaohs fourth studio album ‘In Death Reborn’ set to be released April, 2014 and their fifth studio album, which the titled is to be announced. New members including Blacastan of Demigodz and Zilla are said to be joining the group and Reef the Lost Cauze announced he would not be on In Death Reborn.[9]  ==Discography==

===With Army of the Pharaohs===

* 2006: The Torture Papers

* 2007: Ritual of Battle

* 2010: The Unholy Terror[10] 

* 2014: In Death Reborn[11]


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