Demigodz are an underground hip-hop super group which originated in Connecticut by rappers; Open Mic and Reflective. The rap duo were originally called Jedi but Open Mic renamed the group "The Demigodz" with inspiration from one of his own verses. The group has changed several times through the years. As of 2012, the group consists of; Apathy, Celph Titled, Ryu, Esoteric, Motive & Blacastan. [1] 

The group was originally formed in 1990 by Connecticut emcees Open Mic and Reflex.  Apathy joined the group after hearing a demo on the University of Connecticut radio station 97.1. The group expanded during the 1990s to include a number of other members, and they took frequent outings to New York City in order to expose themselves to the East Coast hip hop scene.  In the late 90's, Apathy shifted his focus towards developing his solo career, but the group re-formed in 2000 with Celph Titled, Rise, Open Mic, One-Two, L-Fudge, Louis Logic, and 7L and Esoteric, as well as producer Chum the Skrilla Guerilla.  After touring extensively in Europe, the group released the EP "The Godz Must Be Crazy" in 2002 [2].  

In 2004, a number of members left the group, leaving only Apathy, Celph Titled, and 7L and Esoteric.  New members were subsequently added, including Motive, Blacastan, and Ryu from Styles of Beyond.  In 2007, they released the LP "The Godz Must Be Crazier."  [3]

In March 2013, Demigodz released their second full-length album, Killmatic, with features from Scoop DeVille and RA the Rugged Man and production from DJ Premiere.  Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag. 

Leaving of members & Introducing new members to the group (1994-1997) Edit

By the end of 1994, the group parted ways due to musical differences from Reflection and Feedback. They both left the group and formed a seperate rap group called "Skin N Bones", whilst Open Mic and The Well Vu decided to scout for new talent to fill the void left by the former members. Open Mic immediately brought in [[Apathy (rapper)|Apathy] (who was then known as Apathy Alien tongue) as a member of the group. Known for his lyrical abilities, Apathy soon became the group's most prominent member, and formed a strong friendship with Open Mic. He is now the unofficial leader of The Demigodz.

During the summer of 1995, the group joined "The New England chapter of the Zulu Nation", but soon left and became associated with New York-based "Alien Nation". Alien Nation rap affiliates; MC Eternia and Naptron were chosen to join The Demigodz roster. Open Mic purchased new production equipment for the group. They put out a new demo that circulated around the underground rap scene and created gossip on the independent hip hop scene. [4] 

In 1996, while hosting a radio program at UConn, Apathy was looking through the new releases and found a copy of Jedi Mind Tricks album; Amber Probe EP. He realised that the groups shared similar sound and content, which was considered very rare at the time. Apathy decided to made contact with Jedi Mind Tricks MC Vinnie Paz (then known as Ikon the Verbala Hologram). Paz invited Apathy and MC Eternia down to Philadelphia to record verses with each other he was later featured onJedi Mind Tricks Psycho-Social LP, on the tracks "The Three Immortals", "Omnicron" and "The Apostle's Creed". Due to good relation with Jedi Mind Tricks, it led to several extensions and new members to join; including duo from  Boston ; 7L & Esoteric.

By mid-1997, Eternia and Naptron left The Demigodz group due to personal and musical differences, this also meant the end of the groups relationship with Alien Nation. Open Mic and Apathy gathered and released Sureshot Affair EP putting up hundreds of copies and open their first official EP site. Their once original style had become the latest interest, or "buzz" as they referred to it, in the underground hip-hop scene, so Apathy decided to take music in a new direction, Open Mic, that had just recently married the mother of his daughter, decided to leave the rap game and settle down with his family.

The resurrection of the group (1998-2002) Edit

Now on his own, Apathy began to work as a solo artist and put out several singles and appeared on many compilation disks. Apathy kept The Demigodz name alive by successfully competing in frequent rap battles and openings for acts as Rakim and Black Sheep. It was also during this time that Apathy was introduced via telephone through a mutual friend to TampaMC & Celph Titled. Celph, who was attached to a distribution company in New York, soon moved up to the city get a chance to see him personally. Apathy drove down to NYC and the two hit it off immediately. Celph also introduced Apathy to Bronx Science label with which he signed a contract and went on to produce an album; Vinyl 12" for the record label. [5]

The 12"'s received much recognition in the underground scene and even got publicity in the mainstream stores like The Source Magazine. The production and guest vocals by Celph Titled on these projects and their success was considered a resurrection of the Demigodz, which had been dormant for some time.

In 2000 Apathy officially reformed Demigodz. This time as a close co-operation between private underground artists instead of a performing group membership this time. It included; Apathy, Celph Titled, New York MC Rise and One-Two-a-friend. Apathy's also brought Open Mic out of retirement in the following months and several more additions were made even L-Fudge, Louis Logic, Spin 4th, and long friends 7L & Esoteric. Apathy also added producer from connecticut; Chum the Skrilla Guerilla as his personal DJ. The group put out a barrage of 12" singles, EP and LP records. As solo artists and featured each other on most of their work as they toured (including in Europe) and had a sizeable reputation in the underground culmination of their efforts was Godz Must Be Crazy EP released in 2002. [6]

Breakthrough (2003-2007) Edit

The huge success of Demigodz had consequences, however, and in 2004 most of the members left the group (all on good terms) to meet its burgeoning solo careers. Close after the big drop, the only members that remained were Apathy, Chum the Skrilla Guerilla, Celph Titled and 7L & Esoteric. Although this hemorrhaging of talent did not keep Demigodz down for a long time to be stocked. It's lost the roster by adding Connecticut MC Motive from Doe Raker Crew (also known as Demigodz extended family) and L.A. underground superstars Styles of Beyond. The Demigodz are now arguably the strongest they have ever been both talent and recognition wise (especially with the addition of SOB) They also have shared membership with Jedi Mind Tricks supergroup Army of the Pharaohs and Fort Minor (of Linkin Park). 

Between 2006-2007, The group were working on their official debut LP album. The album was tentatively title Demigodzilla. Apathy released a single on January 15, 2007 named "DemiGodzilla" featuring Motive and Celph Titled.[7] The album was renamed to The Godz Must Be Crazier and was released on November 20, 2007. [8]

Formation of other groups (2008-2010) Edit

As of 2008, DemiGodz on hiatus, or "dead" as they refer to the status of the group. While the group members focused on new projects and collaborative albums. Both Apathy and Celph, produced collaborative albums with Army of the Pharaohs. The Demigodz was considered a "side-project for the pair".[9]

In 2009, Get Busy Committee was formed in Los Angeles, California by long time friends Ryu (Styles of Beyond), Apathy and Scoop DeVille. All production was done by Scoop DeVille and Apathy, while vocals are given by everyone in the group. Their debut album, Uzi Does It, was released for pre-sale download on October 27, 2009 at, and available on iTunes and other outlets on November 10. [10]. As a result of this, DemiGodz production was put on halt.

Killmatic album(2011-present) Edit

During 2011 Apathy and Celph Titled worked as a duo, releasing a collaborative album Will Sing For Vengeance in 2012. They also worked on their solo careers.[11] 

On the 23 November 2011, Apathy uploaded on to YouTube a new song called "Demigodz is back", this song featured; Apathy, Ryu and Celph Titled and was produced by Apathy. [12] This song marked the return of Demigodz.

In May 10, 2012, The pair also announced in an interview with that they are working on a new Demigodz album; titled Killmatic. Apathy stated "We got a gang of sh*t in the works, so we always work on multiple, multiple things but we don’t announce things until we’re absolutely positive and definite that they’re coming out.  So, the Demigodz album should be coming in the early-2013." [13] Celph said that the album would contain all six members "Which is: Apathy, Celph Titled, Ryu, Esoteric, Motive, Blacastan." Killmatic was officially released March 5, 2013.[14]

Discography Edit

Albums Edit
  • The Godz Must Be Crazy (EP) (2002)[15]
  • The Godz Must Be Crazier (2007)[16]
  • Killmatic (2013)[17]
Miscellaneous  Edit
  • Demigodz Sampler (2004) [18]
  • Demigodz Winter Sampler (2004)[19]
Vinyl Singles Edit
  • Don't You Even Go There / Well, Well, Well (12" Vinyl) (2002)[20] 

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