Hush and Uncle ILL

Da Ruckus is an underground rap group from Detroit, Michigan. Da Ruckus consists of rapper Hush and Uncle ILL. Da Ruckus has published music under Intuit Solar Records, Quiet As Kept Entertainment, Federation Records, Ben Records, and Silent Records. Da Ruckus collaborated with Eminem and Proof while they were underground rappers.


Studio albumsEdit

  • Quiet As Kept (1997)
  • Episode 1 (1998, CD)
  • Da Forgotten Episode: Bootlegs, Breaks & B-Sides (1999, cassette)


  • "We Shine" feat. Eminem (1998)
  • "150 MCs" feat. Eminem (1998)
  • "We Came Here To Party" (1998)
  • "High" feat. Paradime and D12 (1999)

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