Da Power Rangas is an music production team composed of Derrick "ZEEBeats" Calvin and John "Debonair" Roper based in Birmingham, Alabama. The team's genres include R&B, pop and hip hop.

Da Power Rangas production discography Edit


Britney Spears - womanizer(Power Rangas RMX)


R. Kelly - son of a bitch (co-produced by Da Power Rangas)
Suai - Perfect Girl (co-produced by Da Power Rangas)
Bobby Valentino - Hands on me remix (prod by Da Power Rangas)
2Pac - thug style (prod. by Da Power Rangas)
Jay Jones - Again (prod. by Da Power Rangas)
Cool Canada - coolest of tha cool (prod. by Da Power Rangas)
Sho Da Don - life like a lambo (prod. by Da Power Rangas)
Sho Da Don feat TI - Deans List (prod. by Da Power Rangas)

Louis Vuitton KatWalk Commercial (music by Da Power Rangas)

Debonair Xtraordinaire - Versastyle Album (whole album)


Lunette oakley

Teddy T - Fat Boy Swag (prod. by Da Power Rangas)

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