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History Edit

DL Incognito is a Canadian Hip Hop artist, who hails from Ottawa, ON. Canada, but resides in Toronto. He is signed to his brother's label "Nine Planets Hip Hop" as well as the major Canadian label "Urbnet".

Albums Edit

- Organic Music for a Digital World - June 2006

1. Welcome
2. Newera
3. Keep It Movin'
4. Live in My Element
5. Horoscope
6. Surplus
7. S.Y.S.G.U.
8. Ups & Downs
9. Nine Months
10. Masses
11. Commerce
12. Two Chiks
13. Make a Difference
14. Reality Prelude
15. Reality Bites
16. Farewell

- A Sample And A Drum Machine- Aug. 2002

1. Intro
2. Fire Power
3. Cool, Calm & Relaxed
4. Savoir Faire feat. Mic Check 
5. Spit Forever 2 feat. Tara Chase
6. Anticipation
7. Universal Love feat. D-Shade
8. Incognito Interlude
9. 90 Degrees
10. Spit Forever
11. What Dreams Are Made Of feat. Tara Chase 
12. Head Rush
13. There's Something...
14. Audio Coke
15. Rugged Raw feat. DJ Grouch
16. Early Exit

- Lifes a Collection Of Experiences- Nov. 2004

1. The Beginning Feat. Chris Styles 
2. Proof 
3. Salad 
4. Wind Of Change 
5. Out The Box 
6. Life's a Collection of Experiences 
7. Verbalerity 
8. Incognito Interlude 2.0 
9. Fall Bcak Feat. Mic Check 
10. ANR 
11. Wild Style Feat. Tara Chase and D-Shade 
12. Me & My DJ Feat. Techtwelve 
13. This Song 
14. Brand New (Fresh off the press)
15. Nothing Else Matters 
16. Fully Armored 
17. Do it Up 
18. Hard to Do 
19. The Ending Feat. Chris Styles

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