Eminem (left) and DJ Head (right),

Kevin Bell, better known as DJ Head, is a disc jockey from Detroit, Michigan, United States. DJ Head worked as a member of the rap group D12 in the 1990s, but left the group to pursue other goals while still working alongside them and producing some of their projects. DJ Head works with Eminem, Bizarre, Funkmaster Flex, Xzibit, and Jay-Z. In 2014, it was announced DJ Head will be releasing previously unheard Eminem tracks on his forthcoming Zany Acting Maniac mixtape.

Early life and careerEdit

Kevin Bell was born ans raised in Detroit, Michigan. Raised Catholic, Bell attended and graduated by Shrine Catholic High School, class of 1989. Bell attended Michigan State University Alumni (Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications). He also attended the Detroit Community Music School, studying Classical and Jazz Piano (1978–1989). While working for a radio station around 1996, DJ HEAD (alongside D12 rapper Proof) released 3 versions of his W.E.G.O. mixtape series. One of three, however, is extremely hard to find as one of the studio engineers recorded over the actual DAT tape.

D12 and music careerEdit

In 1995, when Eminem and Proof created the rap group D12, DJ Head was invited in as a DJ and an MC by Proof. DJ Head mixed music and produced D12's debut EP called The Underground EP in 1996. DJ Head continued to work with the group and produced music for other underground hip hop acts and rappers such as Da Ruckus before going mainstream. DJ Head also played a big roll in producing Eminem's The Slim Shady EP and The Slim Shady LP. He continued to produced albums and songs while entering the mainstream as a famous disc jockey from Detroit.


Production discographyEdit

Albums and EPs


Other discographyEdit


  • W.E.G.O. Volume 1 (1995) with Proof
  • W.E.G.O. Volume 2 (1995) with Proof
  • W.E.G.O. Volume 3 (1995) Unreleased

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