Clark Music (formerly known as Devils Prey Records) was a record label founded by Da Dough. It was home to Da Dough, Lil Wal, HGN Cozy, Rayvinn Padilla and many more!

History Edit

In 2014 the label was started by Da Dough after he dropped his debut project Devils Prey EP. After starting the label he signed his friend Trouble J and his group (at the time) Midwestern Connection. After about a month his friend Crazy 8 (then known as Da Destiny) started rapping so they started a duo called Da Unit which was apart of the label. Crazy 8 joined the label after Da Unit was started. In January 2015 Midwestern Connections broke up and the members went their separate ways. Also in January 2015 Da Dough met Lil Wal and his group (at the time) Venom Spitters which he signed the group to the label and also signed Lil Wal and Blackout as solo artists.In February 2015 Lil Wal convinced Da Dough to sign his friend Mr Frosty. Within a few weeks Mr Frosty and Lil Wal had a falling out which led to Mr Frosty dissing both Wal and Dough and Dough dropping Frosty from the label. Venom Spitters eventually dissolved and Lil Wal left the label. Later Crazy 8 introduced Da Dough to a singer named 8 Ball who signed to the label but eventually was dropped. In May 2015 Da Dough signed rapper CJ from Pontiac, Michigan who had known. In July 2015 he signed his cousin J-Tag and Lil Wal convinced him to sign Young Money Rebel (both were dropped from the label within a month). In August 2015 Da Dough signed Canadian rapper Nodgy High and West Coast rapper King Henry The First who were good friends of his already. In February 2016 Da Dough signed his good friend Flash. In March 2016 he signed his good friends Just Jury and Skylar Nova. He also signed Cozy Lank and Lil Wal rejoined the label. In April 2016 Cozy Lank and Lil Wal left to start their own label and King Henry followed. In October 2016, Blind Prince signed to the label however he departed in February 2017 due to unknown reasons. Since the start of the label there have been rumors of Devils Prey planning to sign Da Dough's ex girlfriend Trinity Johnson however nothing was ever confirmed. In May 2017, Da Dough rebranded the label as Clark Music and signed new artists. It was announced on March 1st, 2018 that Rayvinn Padilla was still on the label and will be appearing on Da Dough's upcoming mixtape titled "The Trinity Tape 2". OG Murk was dropped on April 11th, 2018. On May 31st, Da Dough announced he was no longer on the label and that it was no longer active.

Former Artists Edit

Name Time On Label Extra Information
Lil G 2014-2015 Quit Rapping. He was a member of MWC.
Midwestern Connection 2014-2015 Group with Da Dough, Lil G and another person. They broke up in 2015.
Mr Frosty 2015 Left after disrespecting Lil Wal and Da Dough.
Lil Wal 2015-2016 Came back a few times. He was a member of Venom Spitters.
Venom Spitters 2015 Group with Lil Wal, Blackout and a few others. They dissolved
8 Ball 2015 Released due to Inactivity.
Young Money Rebel 2015 Left after he dissed Lil Wal when told not to by Da Dough.
J-Tag 2015 Left after he disrespected Da Dough
Blackout 2015-2017 He was a member of Venom Spitters.
Via Marie 2015-2016 Singer but she was dropped from the label for disrespecting Da Dough's girlfriend at the time.
Cozy Lank 2016 Started his own label
Just Jury 2016 Released for disloyalty
Blind Prince 2016-2017
Trouble J 2014-2017 One of the first people signed. Released due to inactivity.
CJ 2015-2017 Released due to inactivity.
King Henry The First 2015-2017 Released due to inactivity.
Nodgy High 2015-2017 Left the label to pursue other projects.
Flash 2016-2018 Released due to inactivity.
Trinity M Johnson 2015-2018
OG Murk 2016-2018 Released due to disrespectful behavior.
Wolves of Chaos 2017-2018 Group that Da Dough was involved with.
Da Dough 2014-2018 Da Dough founded the label. He announced he was independent on May 31st, 2018. He often self-released his smaller projects.
Crazy 8 2014-2018 Released when the label was shut down.
Da Unit 2014-2018 Released when the label was shut down.
Rayvinn Padilla 2016-2018 Released when the label was shut down.
Kinqq Shaqq 2017-2018 Released when the label was shut down.
Kinqq Capp 2017-2018 Released when the label was shut down.
Trey C Mahone 2017-2018 Released when the label was shut down.
Chase Downey 2018 Released when the label was shut down.

Discography Edit

Album Artist Release Date Extra Information
Devils Prey EP Da Dough November 14th, 2014 Debut EP
Searching For Proof Da Dough April 9th, 2016 Mixtape
VIBEZ EP Da Dough February 14th, 2017 EP
Real Talk 100 Da Dough August 26th, 2017 Mixtape
The Trinity Tape Da Dough October 13th, 2017 Mixtape
Time in a Bottle Da Dough December 16th, 2017 Debut Album
Clark Da Dough February 22nd, 2018 Mixtape
Vanity EP Da Dough March 13, 2018 EP
The Trinity Tape 2 Da Dough May 30th, 2018 Mixtape
Untitled Trey C Mahon TBA Debut album
Untitled Elclappgguod TBD Mixtape
Straight Outta Cedarbrook Crazy 8 TBD Still in the works
Da Birth LP Da Unit TBD Delayed
Society Rayvinn Padilla TBD In The Works.