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Andrew Jordan, better known by his rap name "chaos" is a rapper who started off freestyling and later moved to full original songs. Andrew created his own independent record label "citiboyz" he gained a bit of popularity after releasing a video of him freestyling to the beat of mgk' s "alpha omega" which gained over 3.5 million views. He has released one album titled "a look through my conscious" which is currently available on amazon. his fans are constantly supporting him and wanting him to succeed

Childhood and adult lifeEdit

Andrew grew up in a poor family in Michigan, his mother and step father would constantly fight until one day his step father was arrested for unknown reasons. His family stricken with poverty, Andrew began dealing drugs to get money for his family to survive, he started snorting pills and smoking weed in his teen years and has attempted suicide multiple times. He developed a passion for music and started rapping as a way to vent. Since then he has been providing for his family with the money he makes from his job and album sales.
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Chaos' album cover

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