When it comes to great music, you have to look deeper than just how it sounds or even the artistry. You have to focus on what perpetuates the artist to create, and how that creation can affect your emotions. Cam Calloway (born March 2, 1994), also known as KingCam, is an up and coming American hip hop recording artist and producer from Cincinnati, Ohio. At the early age of 8, Cam started writing poetry and stories. By 2010, at age 16, he decided to leave Cincinnati and move to Los Angeles to pursue his the study of music production and songwriting. The next year, for his seventeenth birthday, he released his first self-produced mixtape, The DayDream (2011). The lucid streams and complicated melodies seem to glide over strong hyphy drums with lyrical content laced with social-activism. The rest of 2011, he dropped more and more music displaying his vast array of styles and concepts. In 2012, he released mixtape, Cloudy Sessions Vol. 1, establishing the record label/ music collective, Space Flight Music.




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