Beltaine's Fire performing in New York City at Public Assembly.

Beltaine's Fire is an American hip hop group from San Francisco, California. The group consists of five members, the most notable being Emcee Lynx. The group has released 3 albums. Beltaine's Fire performs hip hop mostly, with Celtic Fusion combining hip hop music with traditional Irish or Scottish music[1]. . They perform rap rock, folk rock, folk rap, Celtic hip hop, and political and conscious hip hop. Their largest appearance to date was the 2008 KVMR Celtic Festival[2], one of the largest Celtic music festivals on the West Coast with over 10,000 annual attendees.[3]


The band was originally formed in San Francisco, California in August 2005 as a collaboration between Emcee Lynx and an experimental Celtic/Folk/Rock Duo called The Wills Wilde. Lynx recruited Laura Noel on Bass and Chris Darbeyshire on drums to make the group a quintet. In January 2006 Lynx, Laura, and Chris decided to go their own way citing irreconcilable differences and keeping the name Beltaine’s Fire. The Wills Wilde broke up shortly afterward.

Beltaine’s Fire continued on as a progressive hip hop trio for the better part of a year until meeting up with John “The Electrician” Dougal in late 2006 and recruiting him, along with Michael Mullen of Tempest, to play on their first album, The Weapon of the Future which was released in 2007.

John joined the band full time in January 2007 playing a custom modified electric Banjo. In August of that year Chris left the band and was replaced by Todd “Cozy T” Snyderman, formerly of Groundsick Productions, on drums. Kater “K8R” Murch also joined on Cello and Mandolin. They released their second album, Liberty, in August 2008 and are currently based in Oakland, California.[4]

in June, Beltaine's Fire released their third studio album, Anarchitecture. Videos on YouTube of the groups' practices for the album are uploaded.

Group membersEdit

Current membersEdit

  • Lynx T'chass (Emcee Lynx): Rap Vocals
  • Laura Noel: Electric Bass
  • John "The Electrician" Dougal: Electric Banjo
  • Steve May: Fiddle & Mandolin
  • Cadence Myles: Drums

Former membersEdit

  • Chris Darbeyshire: Drums 2005-2007
  • Todd "Cozy T." Snyderman: Drums 2007-2010
  • Kater "K8R" Murch: Cello, Mandolin 2007-2010



  • The Weapon of the Future (Studio album, 2007)
  • Liberty (Studio album, 2008)
  • Live at Puck's (Demo, 2009)
  • Best of KVMR Celtic Fest (Live album, 2009)
  • Anarchitecture (Studio album, 2011)


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