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Coming to you straight out of Compton California, meet Baby Eazy-E (E3) the third son of Eric Eazy-E Wright. E3 grew up in the rap game at an early age, appearing in the Only If You Want It music video with his father front and center. After the passing of his father ,E3 got involved in music at the age of 8yrs old.He took time to grow as an artist and now he's going hard continuing the legacy his father started. Be on the lookout because he's ready to blow the world's mind with his charismatic flow. Stay tuned and enjoy the journey.

Baby Eazy-E (E3) - Ruthless Minds (Official Music Video)02:25

Baby Eazy-E (E3) - Ruthless Minds (Official Music Video)

Baby Eazy-E (E3) - Ruthless Minds [Official Music Video]

External LinkEdit @BabyEazyE

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