Bernard Dolan (born 1981, age 35) is an American activist, performance artist, slam poet.ut mostly a rapper based in Hanton City, Rhode Island.[1] B. Dolan's music is often genre-defying; though his work bears a clear hip hop influence, it has been known to incorporate extremely diverse elements of rapping, storytelling, clowning, and absurdist theatre, among others.[2]

As an activist, Dolan is known primarily as the co-creator and co-founder of, a wiki devoted to connecting consumers with Social Responsibility information about corporations.[3] As well as being a founder of, Dolan is also an author of several articles within the site. He is especially known for an article on American Apparel's CEO Dov Charney [4][5]


  • 2002: The Failure
  • 2008: Live Evel EP
  • 2009: House of Bees vol. 1
  • 2010: Fallen House, Sunken City


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