Avi Rex, COO of King of the Dot.

Avi-Rex is the COO, marketing director, and part owner (with Organik) of King of the Dot since its inception in August 2008. He runs new and daily operations for KOTD, and oversees and delegates jobs throughout King of the Dot's four divisions in Canada. He lives in Toronto.

Avi Rex battled battle rap legend The Saurus at Proud2BEhBattleMC in 2011. He has assisted in organizing numerous King of the Dot events, including World Domination 2 in August 2011, which featured Kid Twist vs 360, Dirtbag Dan vs MadChild, Bender vs Illmaculate, Pat Stay vs MarvWon, The Saurus vs Eurgh, Loe Pescivs Ness Lee, Arcane vs PH, Charron vs Cruger, SMP vs Dizaster, PoRich vs Oshea, Rone vs Nils, Chedda Cheese vs Henry Bowers, Dose vs 24/7, and Diaz vs Protege.

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