Swifty McVay mixtape released in 2012 on various websites such as Contains many freestyles over well known beats, features from well known Detroit artists (some shown on D12's "14 Emcees"), and overall well done mixtape. The featured guests include Meth Mouth, Seven Da General, Reddbone, TY Farris, Famo, Beez, Stress, Savage, King Fu, Lady Luck, Miz Korona, Shakia Snow, MaeDay, & Big T along with a now more frequent collaborator/concert performer of Swift Sean Strange, and D12 members Kuniva, Fuzz Scoota (who recently re-joined no more than a year or two ago) and posthumous vocal samples of Proof on the track "Detroit is Like" which is the key phrase in the song itself.

00 - Swifty Mcvay Assassins-front-large

Front cover of the mixtape


1. Always Strapped - Freestyle

2. Destroy Stress

(feat. Meth Mouth)

3. Get at 'Em

(feat. Seven Da General)

4. Hydrenalyn Juice

5. The Motto - Freestyle

6. I'm Snatchin' That

(feat. Reddbone)

7. Human Hydroshock

(feat. TY Farris, Famo, & Beez)

8. Footprints - Freestyle

9. Crazy

(feat. Sean Strange & Stress)

10. Get Dis Money -  Freestyle

11. AnyWay

(feat. Savage & King Fu)

12. Murder Sounds Like

(feat. Lady Luck & Fuzz Scoota)

13. Kush - Freestyle

14. Nuthin Y'all Can Do

(feat. Kuniva)

15. Don't Give a Damn

16. BMF - Freestyle

17. Kill Bill

(feat. Shakia Snow, Miz Korona, & MaeDay)

18. The $ - Freestyle

19. Roughless

(feat. Big T)

20. It's All Good

21. Triggerlosophy

22. Detroit is Like

  • note: samples vocals from deceased D12 bandmate Proof are used on hook and in background

Download here:

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