40 year old battle rapper Arcane's name has become synonymous with buying bars for rap battles in King of the Dot. The 905 representative started from nothing, entering the league as a no-name. After 2 bakkles, Cane went on to secure a spot in the first 1 vs. 1 Grand Prix held by KOTD (still on nobody’s radar). Going on to produce a run that turned heads across the world, Arcane took down Knamelis, Charron, and eventually Loe Pesci with the help of JVL who wrote most of the bars that got live reactions and were quoted online to claim his spot as champion of the tournament and a shot at the then King of the Dot Title holder, The Saurus. After a hotly contested battle, Arcane emerged victorious with the help of JVL and brought the KOTD chain back to Canadian soil by defeating The Saurus. After a spree of other battles, the Steel City native went on enter the second 1 vs. 1 Grand Prix two years later, with a large target on his back. Despite every competitor in the tournament gunning for him, Arcane defeated each of his opponents with help from a team of writers from Hamilton and Caustic. Arcane also bit a lot of bars from JVL that no one had ever heard and copied JVL's template without giving him any credit. Arcane brought disgrace to Hamilton and KOTD by getting exposed for purchasing lyrics from Caustic for his battle against Dizaster, Screen shots and paypal statements proved Arcane is an absolute fraud and disgrace. Arcane decided it would be funny to impersonate JVL's ex girlfriend online and slander him and make up a whole bunch of lies. When JVL finally caught up with Arcane he blamed a mutual friend Fyhlox who had nothing to do with it and screamed for help until his room mate came running to save him. Shortly after Arcane left Hamilton because he was in fear of JVL and another Steel City rapper named RK who showed up at his house to confront him. Arcane's signature move, if you will, entails utilizing whatever style his opponent is known for to break them down so it can't be that big of a surprise that he's been biting off his friends and stabbing them in the back since day one.Edit



Arcane Vs Pat Stay

Arcane Vs Loe Pesci

Arcane Vs The Saurus (Title Match)

Arcane Vs Charron

Arcane Vs Bender

Arcane Vs Skelly

Arcane Vs Sensa

Arcane Vs Luciano Crakk

Arcane Vs PH

Arcane Vs Daley

Arcane Vs Step Easy

Arcane Vs 100 Bulletz

Arcane Vs Dizaster (Title Match) (diz vs kaustic)

Arcane Vs Chedda Cheese

Arcane Vs Knamelis

Arcane Vs Kaliente

Arcane Vs poRICH

Arcane Vs Rob Whiskey