Alex Mac

Born Andrew Alexander Bodden is a South Central Rapper, Songwriter, Front Man, Screenwriter.


Recently picked up by a Vh1 series set to air this fall; Exploding out of South Central Los Angeles is Alex Mac. With his unique style, attention to detail, lyrical prowess, songwriting abilities and handle-bar Mustache; Alex Mac has already been herald as the "Missing-Link".  After a couple years behind the scenes working under the radar with Aftermath Songwriters; He wrote and recorded the "have a good one" Project which launched him into the forefront of the 2012 Artists to watch list. Alex Mac's first single from that project "Ghostwriter" reached #1 on many online radio stations, & became a personal favorite of DJ's, Producers, & Rappers alike placing him in the same sentences as Drake & Kendrick Lamar. Now backed by his band (Dub 4:15) every show is an experience, his 1950's image, and eclectic sound are just electric. Genesoul Productions Five-Time Grammy Nominated Haskel Jackson has referred to Alex Mac as "a breath of fresh air, and a true emcee." Alex Mac's music is a perfect blend of the 90's hip hop feel, Alternative concepts, and modern day mainstream flow. He is on a quest of evolution hell bent on breaking open that box called hip hop, and preserving the message of its music. When asked to comment on how he plans on changing the game, he is quoted saying. "I've listened to the greats all my life, and if you really listen you'll find out we have alot in common".


Bar Wars Ep.1 "The Handsome Menace"

WDLA "Have a Good One"

The S.L.U.G Ep

Happy Little Trees EP