On the south bank of the old capital What grew five members of the rap group the most controversial Quebec. Whether one loves or hates it, the group leaves no one indifferent! Indeed, the 83 has been omnipresent on Musique Plus (mainly in the early 2000s) with a series of video clips on the top 5 .. Comprising 2Faces and Eleven (Constellation), T-Mo and BIC (of Taktika) and Canox, the group includes the main headliners of the hiphop community of Quebec.

It is October 2, 2001 that the 83 we presented her first album entitled hiphop 101. This first project as a group has been a feat topped the level of 12 000 copies sold on an independent label: Explicit Productions. The group then visited the four corners of the province's hiphop tour with the 101. The tour was almost full house wherever she went and the band has sold over 1,500 t-shirt. A year later, in 2002, the 83 recurrence with an album more mature, stronger and more comprehensive, "The Logic Suite. After the first two videos, "around here" and "what J'fais J'Peux" the group saw its third single "Quebec Gold" being censored and banned the broadcast. The third volume of the trilogy, "The Last Chapter," is published November 23, 2004.

The 83 is known for having interrupted the gala adisq to spend a message for the hiphop movement in Quebec. Dissatisfied with the fate of the rap industry, 2Faces went extract the micro Guy A. Lepage time to complain about the situation and has attracted public sympathy, which was warmly applauded. The media circus that followed gave the right to a publicity stunt ever.

83 The present Hip Hop 102, a double album, November 24, 2009

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