5 Elementz (1996 - present) is a Detroit-based rap group consisting of Thyme, Mudd, and Proof. J Dilla was a producer for the group who is deceased. DJ Sicari also produced for the group as well. 5 Elementz is also known as 5 Ela. The group appeared on Proof's first solo album Anywhere in 1996 and on his single "Searchin'" from Anywhere. 5 Elementz have released 3 albums with Proof, and later on became a duo after Proof's death in 2006, sometime after Proof decided to stay working with D12 as his only group, possibly also leaving Goon Squad and Promatic. 5 Elemtentz works with the rap group Slum Village, as both groups were talked about in Proof's song from Searching For Jerry Garcia called "Slum Elementz" which featured T3 of Slum Village and Mudd of 5 Elementz. 5 Elementz is still active today. The group made "5 Ela Reunion" for the posthumous mixtape Time A Tell dedicated to Proof.



  • 1996: Yester Years EP
  • 1998: The Album That Time Forgot
  • 1999: 5 Ela Pt. 3

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